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Best Dog Shampoo For Greasy Dogs 

What is the best degreasing shampoo for dogs or cats? Well the answer is not as simple as you think. There are so many new breeds and mixed breeds around with some negative inherited traits like extra oily skin. This article should make choosing the right degreasing cat or dog shampoo easier.

First, choosing the right dog shampoo depends on how oily and gunky the fur is. On the scale of 1 - 5, if you choose 5 you will want  a dog shampoo with a high dilution scale of 24:1 or higher. If you choose a 1 you still can use a high dilution shampoo, but you will want to water it down quite a bit. Using too much and too strong of a dog shampoo on not so greasy hair will most likely dry it out.

Second, the right dog shampoo depends on the skin condition as well. If the coat is greasy yet the skin is dry you will need a high dilution dog shampoo with a moisturizing agent (2 in 1). If the skin is damaged and smells then you will want to purchase a shampoo that is medicated.

Detangle Spray for Removing Knots and TanglesThird, if the coat has tangles in it you will need to find the appropriate shampoo in addition with a product called "Detangle". The slick texture of Detangle helps release the grease out of the knot.

After using degreasing dog shampoo make sure to use a dog conditioner. Strong dog shampoos can strip out some natural oils that dogs create to keep their skin and fur from drying out. You will want to add a dog conditioner after rinsing out the shampoo to moisturize the skin.
Showseason makes some of the best conditioners like Hypo Condition, Chrome Coat, and Naturals Leave-in Conditioner.

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