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The Right Dog Shampoos Can Help People and Pets

by Geoffrey Wilson on May 23, 2022

The Right Dog Shampoos Can Help People and Pets

Human Allergies to Dogs: Showseason is Here to Help!

The unconditional love, companionship, and loyalty a dog provides is hard to resist. These wonderful qualities are so conveniently and beautifully packaged in a furry cute creature called a dog. Sadly for some this is not a pleasure they can indulge in because their body rebels against the presence of dogs in the form of allergies.  Fortunately there are options for canine allergy sufferers to control their allergies aside from allergy medicines. Let’s investigate allergies to dogs and things we can change in the way we care for our dogs to help minimize allergies.

Dog allergy triggers

There are 3 main dog allergy triggers that are common to most who suffer from dog allergies according to the Mayo Clinic. Dog urine is a less commonly known trigger that can be insidious to your home if not recognized.  Accidents in the home are common and if cleanup is not thorough it can lead to not only smells and germs but allergies as well. This is why it’s important to deep clean with anti allergen products after cleaning and disinfecting the area.  In general, keeping the home as clean as possible and in particular mopping and vacuuming at least once a week goes a long way to keeping allergies at bay.  However, home surfaces are not the only place urine can be present, it is also commonly found on dog hair. 

Two more triggers that are more common are dander and saliva. Some dog breeds are known to be high producers of pet dander and high levels of dander are much more common in thick coated dogs than non-shedding dogs. Dander is simply tiny flakes of skin that dogs shed.  Dogs will heavily shed their coats on a seasonal basis and during this time dander is at its peak and allergic reactions at their highest levels. An additional problem with dander is it can remain suspended in the air for long periods of time with little air movement only to land at a later time on furniture and clothing. However, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America dog saliva not dander, is the number one source of dog allergies and often times dog owners fail to recognize this trigger. This is why no dog is truly hypoallergenic. Dogs regularly lick themselves, people and many things in their environment.  Not only can direct contact with fresh saliva cause an allergic reaction but also when their saliva dries it can also turn into tiny flakes and become airborne, behaving in the same manner as dander. What triggers the allergic reaction is the protein found in their saliva. The AAFA reports that most allergens are proteins and it is estimated that 30-40% of the worlds population suffers from allergies and the prevalence of allergies continues to rise worldwide. In addition they estimate that 15-30% of people with allergies are allergic to dogs and cats as well.  Aside from being allergic to the protein in their saliva, dog saliva can also carry intestinal parasites and bacteria from licking their hind end and sniffing/contacting those of other dogs. This can lead to human exposure to hookworms, roundworms and other parasites and bacteria. Who wants that riding around on their dog!


Things we can do to help reduce our allergic reaction to dogs

There are many things we can do to reduce exposure to allergens and live as a family with our furry friends.  The Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America’s recommendations include keeping pets out of the bedroom, cleaning home surfaces regularly, removing carpeting and curtains from the home, and investing in a HEPA air cleaner in addition to bathing your dog regularly. Washing your dog once a week with a high quality dog shampoo is an important tool not to be overlooked.  Bathing your dog regularly will not only reduce the amount of allergens they carry on their body from outside and help keep your home smelling fresh but also remove any urine, dander and most importantly dried saliva from their body.  As long as you use a premium dog shampoo, it is perfectly safe to bathe your dog once a week and it can effectively reduce allergens by as much as 84%.

Using shampoo as a way to control allergies

When dealing with allergies to dogs, one extremely helpful an effective tool is to bathe your dog regularly.  But bathing a dog on a weekly basis to control dog owner allergies should not be taken lightly.  Choosing the right dog shampoo is vital to not strip the the natural oils from the skin and create skin conditions for the pet. Choosing a shampoo that is mild so as to allow frequent bathing is as important as effectively removing dirt, saliva and urine from the fur. Showseason has several options that meet the needs of both pets and their allergy suffering owners.

Sometimes not only does the owner have allergies to their pet that they must control but the pet themself also also suffers from skin conditions and allergies. One shampoo that is a top seller at Showseason is Hemp Pet Shampoo. Hemp Pet Shampoo by Showseason is a very effective and natural dog shampoo containing hemp oil.  The oil is harvested from the hemp seed using a cold-press method. The oil is dye-free, odorless and has the highest level of fatty acids to protect the skin.  This is most helpful for dogs that are bathed frequently but have skin issues. Showseason Hemp Pet Shampoo is also mild enough for use on puppies and also can be combined with Hemp Oil Pet Conditioner for additional moisturizing of the fur and skin.  Both Showseason Hemp Pet Shampoo and Hemp Oil Pet Conditioner should be applied full strength and rinsed thoroughly.

If your dog tends to have a more vigorous dander issue, Showseason has an excellent natural shampoo that specifically addresses dead skin cells. Showseason Papaya Pet Shampoo is made with papain extracted from the papaya fruit. Aside from doing an superior job removing dander and dirt it also is effective in controlling overactive oil glands while adding fluff and volume to your dog’s coat.  Showseason Papaya Pet Shampoo is another great product with a fantastic scent that gets the job done and keeps allergies at bay.

Some dogs get a bit stressed at bath time and if bathing is occurring on a regular basis Showseason offers a shampoo to help reduce you pet’s stress level. Showseason Lavender Pet Shampoo is another mild, natural yet effective choice that will help ease you pets anxiety during the bathing process.  Lavender is known for its calming influence and Showseason combines lavender and camomile into a subtle soothing scent. This relaxing effect is proven to impact animals as well as people and will help put your pet at ease.

Finally, Showseason offers their Naturals line of shampoos. Showseason Naturals Pet Shampoos offer a natural approach to pet bathing by combining organic minerals and oil extracts and then infusing herbs into their product.  Many if not all skin and fur types are addressed with six varieties of this shampoo line while being mild enough for frequent use. In addition, Showseason offers conditioners and colognes in this line to complement each product.

If you suffer from allergies to dogs, make sure to discuss strategies with your physician. Showseason is here to help you with one of the tools available to assist you in living harmoniously with your furry member of the family.

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