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Showseason Dog Puppy Shampoo If you are not sure what type of products are best for your animal, please read this Dog Shampoo Article that explains how to find the best pet shampoo!


Let's break down the important aspects of dog shampoo to help choose what type of shampoo you need.

Dog Shampoo - Common Types

There are a lot of misconceptions about what dog shampoo to use and why. Here is a list of the main varieties of shampoo used today.

  • Medicated 
  • Flea & Tick 
  • Whitening / Color Enhancing 
  • De-Shedding
  • Deodorizing
  • Waterless
  • Conditioning
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Medicated shampoo is a type of dog shampoo used for more than one scenario. Medicated dog shampoo can be used for allergy relief, itch relief, deodorizing and a healing shampoo. The active ingredients help with bacteria, bugs and skin issues on the coat.
Flea & Tick
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Flea and Tick is a shampoo for dealing with fleas and ticks immediately. This type of shampoo typically won't prevent fleas and ticks. There are some types of flea and tick shampoos that have flea preventative but the effectiveness is low compared to the latest flea topical. Some flea and tick shampoos contain pesticides and some are pesticide free. Whatever you choose is a personal preference but the main misconception is that flea shampoo is a preventative rather than a pre-treatment.
Whitening / Color Enhancing
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Whitening shampoo is a common color enhancing product that usually appears to be blue or black in color. Most blue colored shampoo contain optical whiteners that help light bounce off the fur more efficiently creating an optical illusion of a bright white coat. Dark or black colored shampoo usually contains a darker dye that adds depth and color to the coat.
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De-Shedding shampoo loosen hair follicles and moisturize the skin. Once the hair follicle is loosened, the hairs are able the be stripped out while leaving the healthy hair. Over time, this process will reduce shedding which can take a few weeks to half a year depending on the breed. It is important to use a proper bread-specific de-shedding tool in combination with de-shedding shampoo to get maximum results.
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Deodorizing shampoo is a type of shampoo that contains special odor grabbing agents instead of extra fragrance. Typically this type of shampoo is used as a pre-wash. You will want to follow up with a stronger smelling shampoo like Papaya or Sugar Cookie to add a scent that will last. Follow with a good conditioner like Chrome Coat.
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Waterless shampoo is applied via towelette or wet washcloth without the use of water. Great for quick cleanups and in-between baths so you don't have to go through the full bathing process. Also great for cleaning cats!
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Conditioning shampoos usually contain moisturizers like silk protein, lanolin, jojoba oil, olive oil and many other types of oil. This type of shampoo is usually referred to a 2 in 1 shampoo. A conditioner can be applied after but it is optional depending on the condition of the coat.


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