16 oz. AminoFlex® Shampoo

16 oz. AminoFlex® Shampoo | #1 Dog Shampoo + More! SPECIAL

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AminoFlex®  is a  2-in-1 de-shedding & moisturizing dog and cat shampoo. Derived from the finest ingredients including silk proteins, wheat amino acids, aloe, honey & almond extracts and sunflower triglycerides. This high quality, luxury shampoo is full of fragrance & other extras that linger for days, even weeks after shampooing! There is no expense spared to make this the best dog shampoo and the best cat shampoo on the market today. For Use On Dogs, Cats, Puppies & Kittens.

"I am Geoffrey Wilson the owner of Hot Shot Dog Grooming of Houston, TX. I had a great experience with this product when using it on any type of coat. The overall lathering of this shampoo is perfect! We have many clients with pets that have sensitive skin. I found that this product works best for those pets. It has a moisturizer in it also so the coat gets really soft after drying the cat or dog properly. Sometimes I like to add Chrome Coat to make the coat mega shiny while not feeling oily."

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