16 oz. Apricot Chamomile Shampoo

Dog Shampoo 16 oz apricot chamomile shampoo SPECIAL

ShowSeason® Dog Shampoo

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Refreshing apricots and the calming, hypnotic scent of the chamomile flower instantly melt tensions away and create a fantastic doggie spa atmosphere. Dilutes 16:1.Cologne Match: Showseason® Apricot-Chamomile.

For Use On Dogs, Cats, Puppies & Kittens Paraben Free - Biodegradable - Non-Toxic - Cruelty Free

The best dog conditioner match for Apricot Chamomile Dog Shampoo is the Hypo Condition. The conditioner is‚ infused with Silk Protein to enhance conditioning and shine. Since Hypo Condition has no scent, it will preserve the fresh Apricot Chamomile dog shampoo aroma.‚

The best dog cologne match is Apricot Chamomile Pet Cologne. This fragrance is very potent so a little goes a long way to enhance the fresh smell of Apricot Chamomile Shampoo.‚

Apricot Chamomile is the best dog shampoo for someone who seeks a sharp and sweet aroma. This dog shampoo is for deep cleaning with a large amount‚ of suds and bubbles while leaving a long lasting scent. For stronger and longer lasting effect‚ on the coat, it is recommended to let the shampoo sit in the fur for 3 minutes.‚

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