16 oz. Lavender Shampoo

16 oz. Lavender Shampoo | #1 Dog Shampoo + More! SPECIAL

ShowSeason® Dog Shampoo

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Scents of Lavender & Chamomile create a shampoo that cleans deeply without stripping natural oils. Lavender is known as the "Mother" of essential oils as it promotes a relaxing and calming effect on people as well as animals. Cologne Match: Showseason® Lavender Flowers. For Use On Dogs, Cats, Puppies & Kittens.

Dog Calming Shampoo is a great stress relief technique that is not well known yet. Washing your nervous pal can be nerve racking to both you and your pet because of emotional stress. While using Lavender Shampoo the air fills with a calming scent. Try Mellow Pet Spray to calm the situation even more!

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