64 oz. Mellow Pet® NATURAL Calming Spray for Dogs

64 oz. Mellow Pet® NATURAL Calming Spray for Dogs SPECIAL


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Now With Copaiba Oil .....What's That You Ask?

Used For: Calming, uplifting, fear reduction and pain lessening. Works on cannabinoid receptors similar to CBD oil. 

Spray is designed to be dispensed directly on the pet for immediate response and can also be dispensed in the air or sprayed on the pet's bedding or cage. During acute episodes of anxiety, Mellow Pet® will not diminish alertness as many people use this for thunderstorms, car rides, visits to the vet or groomer. Top dog trainers are using this to help with separation anxiety and hyperactivity -- (Doggie A.D.D.!)

Calming Tips: 1. For best results, spray directly on the dog's chest or lightly saturate a bandana and tie around the dog's neck. To preserve scent on bandana, place inside Ziplock bag after use. 2. Spray on pant leg so incoming dogs can "smell" your calming scent. 3. Saturate a paper towel or cotton ball and clamp to the grooming post so it's even with the dog's nose when he's on your table.

For Use On Dogs & Puppies. Do Not Use On Cats! Additional Sizes Available: 2.5 oz. and 8.5 oz.

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