8.5 oz. Showseason® Pet Cologne Line

Dog Cologne 8 5 oz showseason pet cologne line SPECIAL

Showseason® Dog Perfumes

$12.99 USD $13.99 USD

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For Use On Dogs, Cats, Puppies & Kittens Sizes.

• Almond Cocoa - Sweet & rich as a chocolate bar with almonds. • Apricot Chamomile - Fresh apricot with soothing chamomile. BEST SELLER • Cotton Candy - Sweet spun, sugary delight. BEST SELLER • Dog Gone Fresh - Soft florals with a cool citrus undertone. BEST SELLER • Green Tea - A clean blend of sparkling citrus and green tea. BEST SELLER • Honey Bunny - Warm honey & buttery goodness.  • Jelly Bean - As sweet as a bag of mixed gourmet jelly beans. BEST SELLER • Juicy Fruity - If chewing gum were a fragrance, this would be it.  • Lavender Flowers - Fields of lavender flowers in bloom. BEST SELLER • Mango Tango - Mandarin oranges,tangerines & mangoes. BEST SELLER • Melon Patch - Sweet honeydew melon, bright, airy & green.  • Mutt Magic - A blend of fruits, floral blossoms & greens. BEST SELLER • Oatmeal, Milk & Honey - A warm, sweet honey scent. BEST SELLER • Orchard Fresh - The apple orchard and sunshine. • Pacific Breeze - A cool, refreshing clean blend of pacific florals. BEST SELLER • Peach Dream - A strong, sweet juicy peach scent with a hint of cream. • Perfect Papaya - Papaya fruity top notes & subtle green notes.  • Pie Oh My! - An apple scent we nailed! Granny Smiths and caramel in a gooey slice of heaven. • Puppy Love - Real baby powder scent.  • Rainshower - Fresh scents of florals & botanicals. BEST SELLER • Spectacular - A refreshing scent, crisp linen sheets drying in a cool breeze.  • Spring Rain - Sensual, Hawaiian plumeria, floral aroma. BEST SELLER • Sugar Cookie - Scents of just baked cookies fresh from the oven. BEST SELLER • Toasted Almond - Fresh, nutty, toasted almond scent. • Tropical Kiwi - A combination of kiwi & citrus fresh from the islands.  • Vanilla Bean - A comforting, creamy, smooth vanilla.

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