HemaStop™ Blood Stop Stick

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The only improvement in blood stoppage in the last 50 years! Convenient, clean & not affected by humidity. Designed for topical, superficial bleeding & is excellent for small nicks & nails that were cut close enough to cause bleeding. Comprised of an astringent/styptic compound that is incorporated into a wax & petrolatum substrate; the wax seals the nail as well as hold the styptic in place. No more rock hard clumps or stained mess during application. To treat a bleeding nail, hold the paw firmly, acting as a tourniquet while blotting the blood & then scrape the HemaStop™ into the cut surface, using it like putty and press into the bleeding wound. Dogs can eat it with absolutely no negative effects and it stays together so no worries like a powder that might get in the dogs’ eyes. Contains: Soy wax, petrolatum, ferric sub sulfate, diatomite.

Grooming Tip: Cut plastic straws in 1/2" pieces and fill with HemaStop™. Apply to nail as needed for hands-free usage.

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