Lavender Aromatherapy Fragrance Oil Blend

Lavender Aromatherapy Fragrance Oil Blend

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Same fragrance oil in our popular Showseason® Lavender Flowers Pet Cologne - Fields of lavender flowers in bloom.


Ingredient: Fragrance Oil.

Paraben Free - Biodegradable - Non-Toxic - Cruelty-Free

How To Use

Avoid direct contact with skin. For external use only.

Suggested Diffusion Use: 5-8 Drops. 

For Use Around Dogs. Do Not Use Around Cats.

We Don't Advocate Using Full Strength Oil Directly On The Dog.

Aromatherapy Tips

Create A Calming Atmosphere:


Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Water Mist Diffuser

This cold mist water diffuser compares to a full-fledged nebulizer transforming oils into a fine purifying mist.

Lavender Shampoo

Matching Scent! Scents of Lavender & Chamomile create a shampoo that cleans deeply without stripping natural oils. Lavender is the "Mother" of essential oils as it promotes a relaxing and calming effect on people and animals.

Lavender Flowers Pet Cologne

Cologne Match! Finish off your bath with this perfectly matched cologne.