2.5 oz. Mellow Pet® NATURAL Calming Spray for Dogs

mellow petr immediate response pet spray SPECIAL


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Blended with the same ingredients as our top selling Mellow Pet® Essential Oil Blend. Spray is designed to be dispensed directly on the pet for immediate response and can also be dispensed in the air or sprayed on the pet's bedding or cage. Contains Lavender, Sweet Orange, Vetiver. Clary Sage & Marjoram in a natural, perfumers alcohol base. For Use On Dogs & Puppies.

Calming Tips: 1. For best results, spray directly on the dog's chest or lightly saturate a bandanna and tie around the dog's neck. 2. Spray on pant leg so dogs "smell" your calming scent. 3. Spray pet bedding, crates or any place that your pet frequents.

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