Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Water Mist Diffuser - Diffuses 1,000+ Sq. Ft.

ultrasonic water mist diffuser diffuses 500 sq ft SPECIAL


$43.99 USD 

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Using water and ultrasonic vibrations, this cold mist diffuser performs comparably to a full fledged nebulizer transforming oils into a fine purifying mist. Multiple settings allow you to control scent strength and color of glowing light. Just a few drops of any oil throws scent into any room. Our favorite blend is 3 drops of Mellow Pet® oil and 2 drops of Blueberry Clove oil -- smells awesome and keeps the crew calm!

¢€¢ Cold mist, adds no humidity.

¢€¢ Multiple settings for scent strength.

¢€¢ Plugs into wall outlet.

¢€¢ Auto shut-off when water level is low.

¢€¢ Runs on regular tap water.

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