Warren London 12 Count | Deep Cleaning Paw Fizz Tablets

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  •  Helps Stop Paw Licking! Easy To Use Spa Treatment - Simply drop a tablet into the water to dissolve and fizz. Let paws soak for 5 minutes while taking breaks to massage paws.
  • Helps Eliminate Paw Irritation - Natural tea tree oil fights fungus, bacteria, and allergens that irritate paws and cause itching and licking.
  • Cleanses Paws - Keep paw pads clean and fresh from dirt and germs that are accumulated during walks and everyday life.
  • Conditions Paws - Seaweed extract helps soothe, moisturize, and hydrate paw pads. Leaves your dog conditioned and comfortable.
  • Brightens Nails - Repeated use conditions nails to gradually restore shine and brightness.
  • How Many Fizz Tablets/Balls To Use: For an average size bathtub filled up above a dog's paws, we recommend 1 tablet or 2 fizz balls for a small dog, 3 for a large dog.  If you are using a basin that is compared to an average size sink filled above a dog's paws, you can use 1 fizz ball or 2 if desired.  Additional sizes available 75 Count and 300 Count.

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Warren London 12 Count | Deep Cleaning Paw Fizz Tablets