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The Best Dog Shampoo Compared

by Geoffrey Wilson on Apr 12, 2014

This website was started by groomers based on experience and feedback that was obtained through 100's of different shampoos by all different brands. After careful analysis using cost vs quality vs customer feedback we found that Showseason® is The Best Dog Shampoo out on the market. What makes this brand the best dog shampoo? Let's get into the details!

Quality of The Best Dog Shampoo

When bathing a dog you can see that having a great lathering shampoo is the first step for getting deep down dirt out of the fur. If you have a watery and runny shampoo you have to use a lot more of it and it won't be as effective at capturing the molecules of dirt that you are trying to remove. To find a good lathering shampoo you need a high dilution ratio. This mean water is not added at the manufacturing plant so when you add water yourself at home you are not over diluting the shampoo.

Overall Smell of The Best Dog Shampoo

Showseason® has created a very special formula that "sits and stays" in the fur better and longer than other leading brands. The second place winner for best and longest lasting scent is the South Bark Blueberry Facial which is well known nationally for being on of the best dog shampoos.


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