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Dog Degreaser : Degreasing Shampoo for Dogs!

by Geoffrey Wilson on Sep 20, 2017

Dog Degreaser : Degreasing Shampoo for Dogs!
Degreasing Shampoo for DOGS
Degreasing Dog Shampoo d*greaser 
Degreasing shampoo for dogs only. D*Greaser by Showseason® removes grease and grime from coats. Releases mats, tangles, and removes ear wax. Biodegradable. This powerful degreaser should be followed up with a conditioner such as Hypo Condition by Showseason®. D*Greaser will surely get any grease and grime out of the coat and can work out the toughest jobs. Simply leave it on the fur for up to 5 minutes during bathing to get the best results.

D*greaser can also get tangles out and not only grease! Heavy matting, tangles, gunk, etc.. There is no match for this product when it comes to combating "sticky". Sticky substance in the fur attracts oils from the dog's skin that are natural and build up over time. Ths causes the matting and tangling of the fur. Once the sticky gunk is removed the grease has nothing to hold onto.

Some dogs do have dirty butts. It is not the most fun thing to realize or talk about, but this product cleans dirty butts very well. Gland discharge is common in dogs and is part of creating characteristics in a dog pack or wolf pack (descendants of common dogs). It happens during stress, dominance, or even love between dogs and can be gross. D*Grease will strip the oils that are embedded in the gland discharge while neutralizing the odor. 

Dog Conditioner: Hypo Condition. Hypo Condition dog conditioner by Showseason® is a great follow up to this shampoo treatment because it adds "good" oils back that might have been removed while using D*grease. There is also no fragrance in Hypo Conditioner so you can use any cologne on your dog after both processes are complete! The end results will be a shiny fluffy soft dog that smells however you would like your pal to smell. Check out colognes!  


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