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Shampoo for Dogs | How To | Find - APPLY - Sniff

by Geoffrey Wilson on Aug 28, 2015

 Dog Shampoo is very important for us dog owners because, without it, our lives would stink! The quest of finding the best dog shampoo for smell can be very difficult. Look no further for you have found a site holding all the best brands of dogs shampoo!

Dog Shampoo for first timers? Get Sugar Cookie:

This shampoo is packed with agents that cut through grease and grime while infusing the coat with aloe and sunflower oil. One bottle can be diluted into a whole gallon without losing any cleaning power or fragrance because it is a professional grade formula that dilutes 16:1. 

Sugar Cookie Dog Shampoo can be used alone or with a conditioner. Showseason Hypo Conditioner is best if you do want to use a conditioner because it is fragrance free which will keep the sugar cookie shampoo smell at full power! If you want to add an even stronger smell, spray 3-4 sprays of Sugar Cookie Dog Cologne after the full bath process. 

Applying Sugar Cookie Dog Shampoo

Start by soaking the fur with room temperature / warmish water. Dogs can't handle hot water for even short periods of time so never use hot water while bathing your dog. Once the fur is soaked from head to toe, turn off the water. Apply a small amount of un-diluted or diluted Sugar Cookie Dog Shampoo to the back of the neck and work in to see how much extra shampoo you need. If you are using un-diluted shampoo, keep in mind that it will take a long time to wash out correctly if you use too much. 


For best cleaning power, it is best to lather, suds, foam, and accumulate the shampoo in the fur by repeatedly rubbing the shampoo into the fur and skin. Using your fingertips, you can create a lot more suds while removing more dirt. This shampoo is not a tearless shampoo so keep away from the eyes, nose, mouth, and ear canals. After lathering the shampoo for a couple of minutes, you may let it sit in the fur for up to 5 minutes to absorb the yummy scent.


The best way to rinse the shampoo out of a dog fur is by starting at the neck and keeping the water stream on the very top of the body while agitating the shampoo out of the fur with your hand. Slowly move the stream down the body at about 1 inch every 2 seconds while continuing to scrub the fur and skin with your fingers. Once the main layer of suds and soap is removed, the water will start to run clear. At this time, you can start to move down the sides of the dog with both of your hands while rubbing the shampoo out. Once most of the shampoo is off the dog you can begin to wash under the body, on the chest, stomach, and private areas. Once all the shampoo is removed the water will run clear. Don't forget to scrub the feet!

Removing Excess Water

Once the dog is ready for drying and before taking your pal out of the tub you might want to "rake" the excess water off of the body with two hands. Simply find the area that is still wet and push the water off the fur with your hands. Continue to move your hand down the body while pushing the water out of the fur. This will cut down on towel or force drying time, whichever method you use. A force dryer is a professional piece of equipment that forces air at high speeds through the fur to blow out the moisture while at the same time not applying heat. Heat is bad for dogs coats so a hair dryer should never be used to dry a dog.


If using towels to dry your dog, you will want to invest in "ultra plush" towels. Usually these towels are a bit more expensive than a regular towel but they extract much more water from the fur. First take your ultra plush towel and as soon as your pal gets out of the tub or sink, cover their head with it. This usually makes them feel calm and comfy. Do not wrap it around the head but simply place the towel over the head and begin drying their face. After the face is dry, remove the towel from over the head and place it long ways down the back and dry away!. Don't forget the paws again!

If using a force dryer, please read the instructions and safety precautions of the force dryer before using. If you are using a dual motor force dryer you will definitely want to put cotton balls in the ears and invest in a happy hoodie. Do not dry near eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and other sensitive areas with the high-pressure nozzle. Simply take off the nozzle to reduce air flow so these areas can be dried safely. 

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